Bring Your Own 'x'

Bring Your Own 'x' (BYOx) means exactly that: students bring their own digital devices to school, for the purposes of learning. BYOx (also known as BYOD) is one way schools enable a 1-to-1 device approach as part of their contemporary learning environment. However instead of using school-owned ICT, students may use their own.

The BYOx concept recognises the important role that parents and caregivers play as partners in learning and allows students to use the same digital devices at school and at home.

This website provides information to help schools and their communities make effective decisions about how (and whether) to implement a 1-to-1 approach including a range of BYOx and/or school purchase models.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to implementing a 1-to-1 approach. Schools may implement a program for all students, or particular year levels. Similarly schools may procure and allocate particular devices for students or offer guidance to help families choose what to provide.

Bring your own vs school owned

While BYOx involves students bringing their own technology to school, in other 1-to-1 approaches the school may purchase, own and allocate devices to students. Schools may encourage students to take these devices home to continue their learning experiences.

Families may be invited to contribute to the cost of the device and/or supporting resources/services (e.g. through a 'take home' program) and there may be an agreement that students can acquire the device at the end of the program.

Your school journey

The department has developed a four-step process to guide Queensland state schools in their journey to consider and implement a 1-to-1 approach. This process has been developed and refined in consultation with schools that have already travelled on the 1-to-1 journey.

Technology solutions

The department provides a comprehensive suite of technologies and services to support schools implementing a 1-to-1 approach.

When considering or reviewing a program, schools should consider the technologies available for managing student devices on the network.

More advice is also available from your Regional Technology Manager.

Find a BYOx school like/near you

Want to learn from the experience of others? Check out the stories of other schools that have travelled the 1-to-1 journey already.

Planning BYOx for NAPLAN Online?

BYOx can transform your classrooms and also support online assessment such as NAPLAN Online. Ensure your school addresses the ICT needs of connected digital classrooms by following the four steps to BYOx​

​BYOx Connect

BYOx Connect is available to help schools manage the connection of student devices to the network. View updated information on connecting to the BYOx network, troubleshooting issues and other support documents on the BYOx teamsite (EQ login required).

Visit the Support documents and templates​ page to find information on how to connect devices in a BYOx Connect school.

What schools say 


‘We chose to opt in to BYOx Connect as this seemed to be the best option to continue our 1-to-1 program in the most financially sustainable way.’

‘Teachers have found many students were keen to change to BYOx because the school-owned laptops were not providing the level of user experience that they could be assured of with their own device. Sometimes the school-owned laptops had been poorly treated by previous users or had connection problems. The chance for students to bring their own device, that they could control, was a strong selling point.’