BYOx Connect

BYOx Connect is a technical solution that overcomes issues that may arise when students connect their personal devices to school networks. It was developed by the department in close consultation with pilot schools. It is one of the technical options (DOCX, 1.3MB) available to schools considering or implementing a 1-to-1 student ICT device program.

BYOx Connect helps schools adhere to departmental ICT policies and procedures by:

  • providing a self-service method for students to automatically connect BYOx devices to school networks without the need to change settings on the device
  • checking BYOx devices for appropriate anti-virus software
  • isolating BYOx devices to increase security, prevent file-sharing and disable the ability for students to play local area network (LAN) games
  • securing school wireless networks and restricting unauthorised access
  • offering simple yet secure sign-on for web browsing and web-based apps through transparent proxy authentication, eliminating the need to adjust proxy settings on the device
  • providing a simplified process for managing visitor and guest access to the school wireless network
  • staying compatible with the department’s enterprise platform and integrating with Managed Operating Environment (MOE) devices.

"Risks of connecting a student owned device directly to the network"











Student-owned devices may not have up-to-date anti-virus protection or use the latest operating systems. This can expose (to virus or malware attacks and hacking) school IT networks and other student-owned devices connected to school networks. It may also expose school and student information.

BYOx Connect minimises these risks.

How does BYOx Connect work?

BYOx Connect provides identity-based network access and assigns services based on the the assigned user role (see the diagram below). It uses tokens to determine whether users are accessing the network on an authorised, policy-compliant device.

BYOx network diagram














Student 1-to-1 devices – technical options

Find more information about the range of technical options (DOCX, 1.3MB) for supporting 1-to-1 student devices on the network.

​Want to know more about BYOx Connect?

View updated information on connecting to the BYOx Connect network, troubleshooting issues and other support documents on the BYOx teamsite (EQ login required).

Compare BYOx Connect and MDMs

Visit the BYOx Connect vs MDMs page to view the differences with Mobile Device Management systems (MDMs). It is important to understand how these differ from BYOx Connect.
Last updated
29 January 2019