BYOx Connect vs MDM solutions

​A Mobile Device Management solution (MDM) is a school-developed solution for connecting BYOx devices to a school network. BYOx Connect is the department’s technical solution for connecting BYO devices to a school network. BYOx Connect is a hardware solution that:
  • secures the school network from unauthorised access
  • effectively prevents peer-to-peer file sharing through routing of network traffic
  • checks connected devices for appropriate up-to-date anti-virus solutions and rejects devices that don’t comply.

Risk assessment and support are major factors when investigating the most appropriate BYOx solution for a school. Some advantages of BYOx Connect include:
  • BYOx Connect is fully tested and integrated into the department's IT network
  • schools must complete their own testing and risk assessment of an MDM solution
  • any issues or problems encountered with the BYOx Connect solution are supported statewide by Service Centre staff and Knowledge Base Articles
  • MDM deployment has not undergone widespread testing within the department.

​BYOx Connect ​MDM solution
​Integrated into DET infrastructure ​Yes ​No
​Fully tested in school environment Yes​ ​No
​Isolates students on network ​Yes ​No
​Check for up-to-date anti-virus ​Yes Generally no​
Connection to wireless ​Self-service ​Configuration
can be emailed
​Supported by Service Centre ​Yes No​
​Covered by DET Service Level Agreement ​Yes ​No
​Purchase through DET supply arrangement ​Yes ​No
​Required to undertake Cloud Decision Framework No​ Generally yes​
​Require informed consent from parents ​No ​Generally yes

Want to know more about BYOx Connect?

View updated information on connecting to the BYOx Connect network, troubleshooting issues and other support documents on the BYOx teamsite (EQ login required).

Last updated
05 October 2016