BYOx - the plan

​Atherton State High School aims to transform the dominant model of technology in schools to one which more efficiently and effectively delivers learning outcomes.

Due to uncertainty around the continued funding of the National Secondary School Computer Fund program, we believe a completely new approach to the use of technology in learning is vital.

To achieve this, the school will task the Deputy Principal, Education Services to deliver a system of curriculum delivery that enables learning in a contemporary context.

More than just a purchasing program, the system will shape the behaviours of all participants.

Phase one

Phase one of the process began at the beginning of 2013 with research and investigation of available readings around the emergence of the BYOD phenomenon. Trial integration of personal devices has begun with both staff and students.

Phase two

Phase two will commence in Term Four with a BYOx committee forming to consider the research, publications and initial feedback from the small scale findings. Surveying parents and students and generating information around the concept will commence in Term One 2014.

Phase three

Phase three will be an extension of the trial phase. A draft school policy will be developed with ratification by the school council by mid 2014.

Phase four

Phase four will coincide with the introduction of year seven students to the school.

The school acknowledges that this brief overview does not yet encapsulate all of the required actions and considerations to date. Much work will need to be done in:

  • preparing classroom facilities to a minimum standard to maximise technology use in the classroom for a contemporary context.
  • preparing teaching staff to transition curriculum to the new paradigm.
  • preparing teachers to shift pedagogical practice to meet the learning needs of contemporary students.
  • ensuring cost effective purchasing solutions are available to parents.
  • marketing the system to parents, students and staff.
  • working with Education Queensland for system solutions around bulk purchasing, volume licensing and cloud technology.

It is not lightly that we engage in this process. The resources of our school and the parents of our students are not limitless. We cannot, however, sit back and ignore the inevitable redundancy of a large proportion of school devices without the prospect of further additional funding to our school. As such the school will pursue its goal of providing contemporary learning in a socially inclusive and equitable framework.

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Last updated
20 January 2015