BYOx at Benowa

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Mandy Howden - HOD Technology Integration

Benowa State High School’s ICT environment is quite extensive. We’re a very large school. We’ve got 2000 students and approximately 200 staff. We are a predominately 1-to-1 laptop school. We do have a small element of approximately 60 computers that are a “not to take home device” that students can use during the day. Then we also have a technical trial pilot that DETE is running that has approximately 80 students in it.

We chose model four - that is a minimum specification. This is so that we could have a multiplatform environment that students have the choice of device as long as it meets that minimum specification. The benefits of technical solution is that there will be less need for technical staff. That is people who are experts in technology to have to assist students. Hopefully by the time the process has been rolled out in its entirety that teachers will be able to help the students onboard or the students will be able to do that themselves.

I’m positive about the Bring Your Own Device. We are a technical trial/pilot and there is always going to be issues around the technical side of things until that pilot is finished. I’ve always been an advocate and I’m quite excited about it. I see in probably five years’ time with all of this planning and preparation that we’ve put in to it, we’ll probably look back and say “Why did we make such a big deal of some of the things we were discussing? That it’s going to be part of just who we are as a school.”

Last updated
24 April 2015