Our planning process

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Mandy Howden - HOD ICT Integration

In the planning process we’ve formed a small collaborative group that has helped assist in the planning. Being able to use the steps and use that model I’ve been able to develop policies and procedures, find key staff that will be able to assist and come on board and help with bring your own device. It’s also been helpful in finding teachers that love technology; that want to explore new technologies and be innovative.

It’s also being able to go across the road with the primary schools and ask them the questions that need to be asked in the type of devices that they may be using. Through that process one of the primary schools across the road are picking very similar devices in their senior school which will mesh seamlessly when they move across to our campus. By following policy and procedures and that model, it helps with a lot of questions that you do raise and there is advice there that helps.

I have provided some professional development but there does need to be some more work encouraging teachers to use browser-based learning platforms; encouraging teachers to try new technologies. I read some research just recently that most teachers don’t feel that’s part of their role in a classroom. But, because we are in the twenty-first century, technology is very important and BYOx is here. I feel that it’s important that teachers realise that it is part of their pedagogy to be exploring new technologies and trying out new apps and trying out different sorts of software and giving kids more of a choice.

We ran a year seven night and a year eight night in the last two weeks here at Benowa State High School. We delivered a “Bring Your Own Device” handbook and a “Bring Your Own Device” charter to the parents. The feedback has been quite positive. I’ve only had one parent who has approached me about “What if can’t afford to purchase a device?” and here at Benowa we have in place our “Non-Take-Home”. So, we are going to have a fleet of devices that students will be able to loan on a daily basis that they won’t be able to take home. We are still looking at the processes and how to make that slightly bigger now that year seven are coming in as well. So, we are mindful of that social equity component of the model and not disadvantaging students in the classroom and that they will have a device. We also did have a range of models that we saw as devices that were suitable for our school environment for our parent to have a look at. So they had a look at those sorts of things and I found that, as long as they had somebody to talk to, to answer those questions, they were happy with how we delivered that information. We also have a “Bring Your Own device” email setup here at the school and we have also published phone numbers for parents to ring and the technical IT department have had a few phone calls from parents.

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24 April 2015