The technician's role

My role has been primarily based on the technical aspects. Conducting all our network audits; figuring out what isn’t compatible, what is compatible; assisting students with onboarding during the trial period; resolving any issues and liaising with the BYOx technical team on what’s happened and what we have to do to fix it; training my IT staff on basic operational use of the BYOx technical solution; assisting Mandy with the procedures for onboarding and how we go from a non-onboarded device to being a device that is fully BYOed.

The current BYOx technical solution is a very automated system. Once the user is added to a global group in Active Directory, the kids can then connect to the DETE BYOx SSID. Once they have connected to that it redirects them to a self-provisioning portal. They fill in some details. It downloads a configuration script. Once that has run it’s a fully automated procedure of connecting back to the DETE BYOx SSID.

The other big positive with the DETE technical solution is the transparent proxy. When we were initially looking at methods for BYO, we were looking at manually configuring upwards of 2000 individual proxies for these students. On some devices that’s a lot easier than others. So when DETE announced that the transparent proxy was live and running it was a big relief to us. It is very simple for the students to use. It appears the same as if they are still using their 1-to-1 with MIS credentials.

While we are still configuring printing and curriculum folder access, that’s probably our biggest (issue) at the moment. Only because we’ve got to put systems in place to allow the kids to do so. The kids have been pretty good though. They have figured out ways around printing and stuff like that. It’s been pretty smooth sailing otherwise from a technical aspect. The system does what it is meant to do.

Coming from a full 1-to-1 school at the moment, where, if we have a problem we simply rebuild the device, that will be a big change. We will move to an advisory role to students and more so a learning platforms support to staff.

Last updated
24 April 2015