What about the teachers?

​​Last year, as part of the research project, we encouraged teachers to bring their privately owned iPads—this steered them in the direction of making their teaching activities more mobile. For example, after we initially trialled BYOx on a few privately-owned devices, teachers began migrating to mobile ID Attend to mark the roll, view timetables and more. Quite a few schools already use mobile ID Attend for PE teachers, but for the most part, this was on school-owned devices.

BYOx capability is also provided to our pre-service teachers. If they are connecting from a Mac device, they have internet access and access to the curriculum drive.

Teachers are provided with professional development opportunities for BYOx and 1:1 computing. Teachers understand the need for a BYOx program for students to complement school resources.

At the end of 2013, we decommissioned our computer labs. This has proven difficult for teachers because there is not complete 1:1 coverage. Last year there were spare devices to maintain the 1:1 ratio, though this year there isn’t. The positive side of this is that it suggests technology is being used more in the classroom. With preparation for the technical solution trial, there is a lot more work and complexity for the school’s technician—stating they find the work interesting and challenging.

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Last updated
20 January 2015