Are we ready?

Calamvale Community College is one of several Queensland schools conducting BYOx trials designed to guide future decision making with regard to 21st century learning.

Senior school and middle school are the two sub-schools that have been targeted for these programs.

Senior school

Preparations are well under way and on track for a school initiated trial involving senior students in 2014.A comprehensive process has been undertaken with the school community to determine readiness for BYOx and the integration into existing teaching and learning models. Their current approach to BYOx includes:

  • a BYOx device specification model that meets minimum or high end specifications
  • a 1:1 technology scheme using current devices supported through a financial contribution from parents
  • a daily loan program utilising school-funded device

Head of curriculum Marie Moo says parents involved have been updated and the school is currently testing a small number of devices on its network.

A very important part the BYOx process was the consultation, development and P&C endorsement of the following documentation:

  • ICT responsible use policy
  • student participation and connectivity request
  • BYOD handbook
  • pre purchase chec

Middle school

Calamvale Community College’s middle school introduced BYOx as a trial during Term 3 2013. The trial involved the use of Windows and Mac laptops as well as iPad and Android tablets.

“Collecting feedback from the trial teachers, students and families will be an important aspect for us as this will be used to share the experience with other teachers within middle school and across our college.

“It will also inform the future direction of the expansion of BYOx in this sub school,” says Marie Moo.​

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Last updated
20 January 2015