BYOx and the students


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Joanna, Year 9 student

In the classroom, we use our devices for research and just doing our assignments, or any classwork. We also like to use it for collaborating all of our information, such as websites, where everyone can put their ideas into one page and we can look through them, and we all get to listen to other people’s ideas as well.

We have some apps where you can log in and the teacher can show you a PowerPoint on your device. It is great because you can look through the PowerPoint slides. You can not only see what is on the big screen but, you can also see right in front of you.

We also use a website called Meeting Words where you can write your own notes and it’s all colour coded, so you know what you have written as well. It means that you are able to look through their ideas and your ideas as well.

Mikayla, Year 8 student

You got a locker when BYOD started and you just bring your own lock to school and put it on there.

Joanna, Year 9 student

The benefits of taking it home and at school are that you don’t have to carry a USB around – just in case you lose your USB. So it’s always on your laptop or your iPad, it’s easier to make your transition from your device at home and at school. The great thing is that you have a record of all the websites you have visited so you can just reaccess them when you are at home.

Mikayla, Year 8 student

It’s also good to have your own stuff on it as well such as your own background. It’s also been a lot easier when doing an assessment; you can just type stuff up.


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