The implementation of BYOx


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Patrick Behan, teacher

The number of teachers involved with the trial so far includes our four core teachers in the pod. I guess one of the hardest things for us has been to familiarise ourselves with the technology. We don’t profess to be experts but, together with the students we have learnt as we have gone along.

At the end of the day it gives us another avenue to provide these kids with a style of learning that best suits them – we all learn differently.

In terms of using the devices in our everyday lessons we incorporate the Symphony of Teaching tools. These provide us with various ways of using the digital technologies in the classroom, so we are able to get the kids to use those higher-order thinking skills or analysing and evaluating to give us the level of work that we expect from kids in the academic enrichment program.

In terms of coming on board with BYOD, one of the things we have had to make sure of as a teaching team is that we feel confident in being able to use the technology as well as deliver the lessons using the technology.

As a group we have been given opportunities to undertake some professional development but, at the same time we are always doing stuff after hours, before school just to stay ahead of the game.

I think in the digital-age that BYOD is the way of the future for education.


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13 January 2015