The technical side of BYOx


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Andrew Hsu, school technician

I might be philosophical for a might like that. The biggest problem I have had to overcome, being an IT person, is changing from a control and management mindset to one where you provide the service.

One of the problems is when you talk about BYOD it can freak the IT person out. They think they are going to lose control, which is true, but at the same time the idea of BYOD is that you want to empower the kids and the teachers by having the latest technology in their hands.

The biggest problem though is security. As an IT person, we have to contend with the idea that we are going to have all these devices with all different specifications, different software and we do worry a bit about viruses and malware – that is skill a big question mark at the moment.

Another issue we are having at the moment is with equity. We still have to have devices that we can put in the hands of kids that can not either afford or are not willing to be part of the BYOD program. Those devices will behave very differently compared to the tablets and laptops owned by the kids.

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13 January 2015