The why and how of BYOx

A Calamvale Community College teacher and the school’s head of curriculum discuss how and why they made the move to BYOx:

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Marie Moo, Head of curriculum

BYOD has come about from being involved in the research project with Education Queensland - that has taken about six months to work through. Parallel to that, the school has been working out its own needs and where we would go with that.

Marilyn Vallis, teacher

In the beginning, when it all started to happen we did a lot of questioning of the students. We had a parent night here, where a basic outline was given to the parents and they were encouraged to ask questions and address any concerns they had about the process.
One of these concerns of course, was the safety of their particular device when the student brought it here. This is why we have lockers in every room that the students must use if they have a device. They are all numbers, individual lockers – that was a big issue.
The students and the parents have had to sign a ‘responsible use policy.’ There is already one in place for the school but, this goes a couple of steps further with what they can and can’t access now that they have access to their own device.
It was explained quite carefully to the parents what was accepted and what wasn’t.
They are responsible for their own device. The school is not. It’s treated the same as if they brought a mobile phone or something like that to school. So far, touch wood, it’s all been good. There’s been no malicious damage or anything like that, or even any accidental damage to the devices. The students have been quite responsible with looking after their own property.
It has changed the way we think and the way we like to do things. The pedagogy is still there but, just the way of doing it, in most cases, has become a lot easier when we have access to the technology.
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13 January 2015