Ready for BYOx

The expansion begins

In 2013, we trialled BYOx with 50 students in 4 middle school classes (Years 7 - 9).

In Term 1 2014, we expanded our BYOx program to all students in middle school and senior school classes (Years 10 - 12).

By the end of week 2 of Term 1, we had manually connected 306 BYOx devices - 90 for middle school students and 216 for senior school students.

We held a middle school parent information evening during Term 1, to educate the school community on BYOx at Calamvale Community College. As a result, we anticipate more students will bring their own devices in Term 2.

During Term 1, we have also been working through some technical challenges with on-boarding all of the devices. Some devices had difficulty accessing the internet when connected to the DETE network—there were internet proxy conflicts between the department’s network and third party firewall software on the device. The firewall on the device had to be disabled to allow internet access on the DETE network.

Some students also found they could not access departmental websites, such as the Learning Place, because their user credentials could not be extracted from their BYOx devices. Changing to a different browser often solved this problem. It is hoped the technical solution trial will solve these issues.

With the development and expansion of our BYOx program, we have continued to provide ongoing professional development for teachers. This term we focussed on virtual classrooms, BYOx class management and ePedagogy.

We have realised it is extremely important for students and parents to be well informed of their responsibility for the care, maintenance, warranty and insurance of their privately-owned devices. Students are reporting vendor repair times of up to 10 working days. We offer a loan device for a period of up to 2 weeks to students when their personal device is being repaired, which has proven very beneficial.

We look forward to trialling the department’s technical solution in Term 2, where authorised students will be able to self-connect their personal device.​

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13 January 2015