Overcoming geographic isolation

​Charleville State High School is a small regional high school providing quality state education options to students from year 8 to 12 in the South West Queensland hub.

Overcoming geographic isolation and a traditionally transient staffing platform has been a key driver for embracing technological innovations in the classroom over a number of years. We have come a long way in the last five years to move our traditional school to an innovative and responsive learning community through the use of technology.

Over the past five years, we have moved from a school with one interactive whiteboard, paper-based student and staff notices, and a high instance of photocopied teaching resources - to a learning community boasting data projectors in every room, a connected intranet space for staff to collaborate and share events and information both across our school and our Charleville Alliance of State Education colleagues. Pedagogy is no longer branded ‘digital pedagogy’ but rather ‘just good teaching’.

A key element of this transformation has been sharing good practice and encouraging teachers to work within ‘glassrooms’ rather than classrooms; breaking down the barriers of classroom walls and school fences to connect within our school and across our cluster.

When planning our vision for 21st century learning, we believed the most important element of a vision is ownership. Leaders can have the best vision in the world, but if nobody else knows where we are going or has the inclination to help get there, then it is ultimately meaningless.

For Charleville State High School, this was achieved by holding a shared staff meeting with our Charleville Alliance of State Education (CASE) colleagues and sharing thoughts based on what we thought the perfect connected, digital classroom would look and feel like. We then asked staff to identify what their current classrooms looked like, the differences between current and dream classrooms, barriers to attaining the dream, and what support would be needed to help teachers get there. With this feedback, we created Wordles to highlight the recurring words and themes before putting together a vision statement and supporting strategy document to drive us towards that vision.

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Last updated
20 January 2015