World class learning in the 21st century

​​At Coomera Springs State School our school vision is ‘World Class Learning for the 21st Century’.  We have developed and implemented a series of frameworks that are strongly based upon innovation in our practices and these frameworks embrace our vision.  Our global vision framework is centred around four focus areas: Mobile Learning, One Learner, Transformational Learning Environments and Real Life Learning.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning embraces and offers modern, mobile and exciting ways to support the learning process through the use of devices such as laptops, iPads, iPods, gaming devices, tablets, Xbox etc.  Mobile learning is unique in that it completely stretches what has occurred in traditional approaches to learning and traditional classroom environments, as it enables learning to become portable, personal, collaborative, interactive, instructive, differentiated, contextual and the most beneficial of all – learning can be delivered anywhere at any time.  This notion goes a long way in creating a much stronger nexus between school and home.  Our mobile learning focus has resulted in the following programs – Out of the Box Gaming Program, BYOD Program, 1:1 Laptop Program.  These innovations in a digital learning platform provide our students with a much sharper and more personalised learning framework.

One Learner

Our framework is based upon five pillars of development to ensure our students experience a curriculum that is balanced and enables growth and success in multiple areas.  These pillars are:

  • academic development
  • sporting development
  • cultural experiences
  • community leadership
  • digital citizenship. 

This is achieved through our curriculum delivery, pedagogical framework, extensive extra-curricular program and community partnerships.

Transformational Learning Environments

We have developed a school wide framework to support our philosophy and actions in our learning environment.  Our framework is based upon students being central to our learning and it not simply being about the curriculum, assessment, resources etc.  We focus on the following four areas within our framework: 

  • Learning Space and Environment
  • Personalised Curriculum and Assessment
  • Multiple Modes of Learning
  • Global Collaborative Learner.

Real Life Learning

Learning is all about moving learning away from being passive and theoretical and ensuring that it is about engaging our students, and enabling learning activities that allow and encourage our students to use all of the information that they know in real life learning situations.  The reason this is so important is that by focusing on real life learning, motivation is increased and learning is more effective.  The teacher is not the ‘sage on the stage’ rather the ‘guide on the side’ as students work through a design learning framework.

Our rationale

The BYOx 1:1 Digital Learning Program will provide opportunities for students to engage in relevant and inspiring learning experiences, as well as enabling our school vision because:

  • 1:1 is a functional and accessible tool that allows for teachers and students to interact in and out of the classroom with a creative, engaging and flexible learning environment
  • A 1:1 program embraces the idea that technology is always changing and so are our students’ brains.  This program allows students to develop skills in order to become self-motivated, creative and tactical when it comes to solving problems
  • A 1:1 program allows for a higher level of learning experience through virtual learning, accessibility of educational materials, enhanced efficiency of access and perhaps most importantly, enhanced collaboration with peers and teachers beyond the classroom. ) ( ) ( )( )

Last updated
20 January 2015