Background to BYOx

Prior to 2015, Helensvale State High had a strong 1-to-1 laptop program supported by the National Secondary Schools Computer Fund (NSSCF).

We were very keen to maintain a 1-to-1 focus. With the discontinuation of NSSCF funding, we decided that purchasing computers for every student using school funding methods was financially unsustainable.

We decided to move to a new model of device ownership for Years 7 and 10 students in 2015, with the remaining year levels continuing with existing NSSCF devices.

Two options were given to students to purchase devices:

  • school purchase the device and then students pay for it using a co-contribution model over three years (Year 7s repeat again as they enter Year 10)
  • bring your own device (BYOx), with students given a strict set of minimum device specifications.

The BYOx option was extended to include Year 8, after requests from parents.

Last updated
05 August 2015