Community engagement symposium

​At James Nash State High School, we planned our approach to BYOx to include community input as an integral part of our information gathering processes.

We had developed a symposium model for our initial ‘Going Mobile’ program, our foray into the 1:1 computer to student model via the National Secondary School Computer Fund (NSSCF) program. 

Our symposium for BYOx involved a 5 hour meeting (including dinner) held at an off-site function venue. Our school community was represented by school students, parents, school technicians, school finance officers, a teacher from each faculty, all head of departments (HODs) and administration staff.

The BYOx symposium was presented by DETE representatives, the HOD for information technology (IT) and our deputy principal. Topics included the history of IT in the school, global directions and DETE system readiness. We presented 7 proposals for a BYOx school program to the community representatives.

We allocated 1.5 hours for discussion, with conversations continuing over dinner. We genuinely value the input of the school community and wanted to provide the community with a meaningful opportunity to shape our BYOx program.

We discussed each proposal and then participants stood along a spectrum of agreement - from love it, to live with it, to loathe it. Participants were encouraged to speak for their position, as well as freely move along the continuum based on the group discussion.

There was overwhelming response from the symposium to not move to BYOx in the junior school. The symposium participants wholly supported the continuation of the 1:1 student to computer model in the senior school. There was anecdotal evidence that parents wanted the school to manage the resources and also for parents to have a choice of device. 

Our current thinking is that we will have a blended program of buy - in and BYOx. We are investigating options for parents to buy-in to a school supplied and managed device and we are developing a BYOx program that aligns with students bringing in any device that meets school determined minimum specifications. The school will also own an equity fleet of desktop and/or laptop devices, at the school’s pre-NSSCF ratio of 1:3.​

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20 January 2015