BYOx A parent perspective

This parent speaks about the benefits she sees in her child’s involvement in the BYOx program.

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​Parent, Susan Stenlake

Oscar has really responded well. We went with the iPad option, rather than Windows 8, basically because of our familiarity with the device itself. We had one at home anyway, we did get a second one for him just to use for school purposes.

He enjoys working on the iPad. He comes home and is excited to share with us what he has been doing on the iPad and his homework is accessible through that device and makes it more enticing for him to sit down and do homework. That’s always one of the difficult ones and when I say, “What did you do on it today?” (He replies) “Well, we weren’t on it all day, Mum. We used it for this subject or that subject or we’ve done a game … like Spelling City.”

So he’s very keen to be using it and enjoying having that as a device and as an extra tool to use as he’s learning. It’s great!

Last updated
05 February 2015