Technology in learning

​In order to build an understanding of Jindalee State School’s engagement with technology in learning, we are providing this timeline as our first ‘school journey’ story. In later submissions, we will cover more specifically our BYOx journey.

Technology implementation timeline at Jindalee State School:

2009 - 2012

Jindalee State School has had a successful 1-to-1 laptop program since 2009.


In 2013, Jindalee State School has eight 1-to-1 laptop classes and one 1-to-1 iPad class. The 1-to-1 laptop program operates in years 4-7 and was established in recognition of the need to provide students with the opportunity to enhance their learning using information and communication technologies (ICT).

The use of ICT is normalised across the school in a variety of ways, including:

Leadership and change management

  • encouragement of staff to work cooperatively (buddy up) with ICT skill building
  • ongoing mentoring and support by key staff to improve ICT competencies across the school.
  • support and expectation of teachers to use a virtual learning space (virtual classroom and edStudios).
  • eLearning vision and annual ICT implementation pla
  • creation of eLearning coordinator role to support teachers in their use of ICT in teaching and learning.

Professional development

  • ongoing mentoring and support to improve ICT competencies across the school.
  • cyber bullying and cyber safety lessons
  • weekly ICT Club professional development opportunities.
  • hosting of ICT and eLearning events within the school, cluster and region.
  • students (and teachers) are able to manage and operate with ICT effectively andefficiently.


  • provision of iPads to teachers
  • installation of interactive whiteboards in every classroom and learning space in the school.
  • provision of curriculum support materials to staff.
  • provision of information and opportunities for staff to engage in online learning environments.
  • Jindalee Staff Zone Virtual Classroom and Jindalee eLearning edStudio.


  • fortnightly eLearning newsletter to all staff
  • students (and teachers) apply social and ethical protocols when using ICT.


  • students (and teachers) are immersed in investigating, creating and communicating using ICT.​​ 
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20 January 2015