BYOx in the classroom


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Teacher: Nicole

Some of the benefits are that the kids are more responsible for their laptops. There's less breakages because it is their own laptop so they're going to use it properly, rather than the school ones, they tend to abuse them a little bit more.

There's also with the systems we use here, it's all on the internet, so they can use any device so with the BYOD, they're more likely to bring it to school, because they want to bring their device to school and they can do their work.

Probably the biggest one at the moment is changing their behaviour. At the moment, as soon as they jump on a computer, they want to play games, so it's trying to get them to realise that the laptop is just a textbook or a notebook, they can't just go off and play games or go off and do their own thing, they've still got to take notes. They're just using it like that. Or if I tell them to go on to the internet, they have to actually do what I say, and go to the address and not go off on random links and just to keep following instructions.

I use the laptops quite a bit; just taking notes down is one example.

I think they enjoy it because it is something different because they are playing games on the computer a lot of them know how to use their computers and they're very good at playing games because they do it at home. I f you can integrate the two at school, I think they tend to learn a lot better. I've had a lot of success with kids playing Maths games, simple ten question games, and I think they've learnt a lot more doing it like that.


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20 January 2015