Oakleigh State School

Oakleigh State School is nestled in the inner-west Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove. Built in 1934, it features an imposing red brick building from that era and modern buildings that serve as learning and community hubs. The Oakleigh State School community delights in the school and its many achievements. Likewise, our school embraces its community and its many achievements.

Expectations of student success drive staff, parents and students to celebrate learning. Determinedly and successfully academic, Oakleigh State School is also strong in sporting, cultural and civic participation. The school's vision is encapsulated in the phrase 'Growing Oakleigh'. Oakleigh State School is a place where all are welcome, and all make a difference.

We are a professional learning community. We have developed The Oakleigh Pedagogical Standard (TOPS) as the platform to give every child every chance to achieve.

Oakleigh State School( https://oakleighss.eq.edu.au/Pages/default.aspx )

Last updated
20 January 2015