Integrating BYOx

At the end of term 1 2014, we ran a survey and started a regularly updated blog of our journey on our website.  At the end of term 3, we asked for further feedback from our community and collected this in both written and audio form.  We are planning a ‘Showcase of Learning’ event early in term 4 to allow the students to share their successes.

As part of our BYOx program we have experimented with the creation of iTunesU courses and custom designed and built iBooks supporting the curriculum. We are currently compiling an iBook with data collected about the BYOx program including examples of children’s work, audio recordings with parents, and audio recordings with students.   We have visited one BYO iPad school and have another trip planned in term 4 to a different school.  We have also sought support from Apple and have a staff support plan in place for the coming term and beyond. 

Additionally, we have worked as part of our cluster over this year to collaboratively support the cluster school teachers with integrating devices effectively.

Towards the end of 2014, internal and external feedback has allowed us to collaboratively determine:

  • benefits of the use of iPads as personal devices in a classroom setting
  • challenges related to the use of iPads as personal devices in a classroom setting
  • recommendations for the rollout of the BYOx program for the following year.

For 2015 we are planning an expansion of the program to include all Year 4 and Year 5 classes.

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20 January 2015