Investigating BYOx

BYOx at our school has been a gradual evolution as the school engages with contemporary teaching practices. Beginning in 2012, we tested the use of iPads with four key teachers in Prep and Year 1.

At the same time as using their iPads in the classroom, these teachers undertook professional development, including the completion of their ICT Pedagogical Licence.

We also tested the use of iPads in the library as a way of addressing multimodal assessment in the curriculum.

At the end of 2012 all of our teachers were given an iPad purchased out of special funding related to the creation of our school’s Pedagogical Framework as an eBook. In 2013 our staff worked collaboratively on the development of the framework, enabling us to explore our vision for the use of technology in the curriculum.

We increased the number of iPads so that Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 had sets for each year level and the library had a set of its own.

Further professional development assisted teachers to develop their pedagogy to align with contemporary learning.

Understanding of the potential of the iPad for creativity, collaboration and communication improved and we moved from just thinking about apps as entities in themselves to thinking about how the apps can enable 21st century ways of working. As part of this learning we had representatives visit one of the BYOx trial schools and share their findings with our school community.

Towards the end of 2013, after reading research such as the department’s BYOx research project and the Victorian department’s iPad trial, we proposed to staff that we trial one Year 4 class as a BYO iPad program in 2014.

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20 January 2015