Four steps to BYOx

Implementing a BYOx program is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are many things to consider and many actions required during each step of the process. In consultation with schools, the Department established four steps to assist school leadership teams ready to plan a BYOx program. These four steps provide areas of focus areas to help each school leadership team plan its own BYOx journey.

Read through the four steps to gain a better understanding of key considerations for successfully implementing a BYOx program in your school. 

1. Investig​ate -> 2. Initiate -> 3. Implement -> 4. Integrate

After completing each step, it’s important to review your progress and revise your plan to ensure it meets the needs of your school community.

A printable Four steps to implementing BYOx information sheet (PDF, 572KB) is available.

When your school is ready to begin its BYOx journey, engage your Regional Technology Manager and complete the BYOx decision support tool, an online survey designed to help identify any gaps in your school's BYOx readiness. 

Helpful resources

Queensland state school BYOx research report

The department’s 2013 BYOx research report (PDF, 1.2MB) highlights a number of business models, associated support materials, planning considerations, potential issues and recommendations for implementing school BYOx programs. 


 Message to share


‘In the few weeks since implementing our BYOx program, we’ve already had huge enthusiasm and our staff, students and parents are already deeming it a success.’ 

Last updated
21 December 2016