BYOx step four: integrate

Step four of the BYOx planning process involves integrating BYOx into your school's ongoing planning.
  • Enable ongoing professional learning and sharing of practice.
  • Share effective exemplars of teaching and learning with peers.
  • Utilise existing school-wide-improvement practices to assess the level of engagement with the BYOx program. 
  • Compare the impact of BYOx to the initial vision.
  • Continue to measure student learning outcomes over time.
  • Revise or redraft strategic planning as part of the quadrennial school review cycle.

Then review and revise

‘We would like to go with both a BYOx program and school-supported program. Before progressing with BYOx, we would first need to know the platform addresses the issues we have identified. The information gained through monitoring and evaluating what is happening in the BYOx world will continue to inform decisions for our 21st century learning journey.’

Mountain Creek State High School

Last updated
10 November 2016