BYOx step one: investigate

The first step of the BYOx planning process involves analysing the current situation and formulating a vision that aligns with the school's agenda. This involves:
  • reflecting on why BYOx is being considered
  • undertaking initial research
  • investigating the capacity of the school leadership team and staff to implement a BYOx program
  • consulting with stakeholders — parents and community, staff, students, regional support staff
  • considering your approach to social justice, addressing equity and excellence
  • formulating the school's vision — what do we want BYOx to achieve?
  • reviewing the school network's health - bandwidth, coverage and reliability of service
  • reviewing school-based curriculum and pedagogical practices to gauge the extent of contemporary practice
  • identifying a scalable, equitable and sustainable BYOx device selection model that considers the total cost of the project
  • establishing the parameters for a future review of the BYOx program
  • analysing all data from the investigation and applying learnings to your school context.

Then review and revise

Things to consider

A successful BYOx school-based business model needs to be equitable, affordable, scalable and sustainable. It should support high-quality teaching focused on the achievement of every student.

Each school must address the following considerations:


  • Home circumstances, ethnicity, language, religion, gender or disability should have no bearing on a student's opportunity to access technology.


  • Maximised student participation rates, no duplication in the expenditure of public money in areas such as licensing, imaging or network costs.
  • A sound return on investment.


  • The ability to trial BYOx in a number of classes or year levels, then expand to other cohorts by building on successful processes.
  • Seamless downscaling, should unforeseen circumstances warrant it.


  • Implementation of the BYOx program within existing IT infrastructure, with provision for upgrading the local network.
  • Technical options (DOCX, 1.3MB) to support the connection of 1-to1 student devices onto the network.
  • Alignment to the school improvement agenda, school culture and community expectations.

Helpful Resources

Mind Maps

A series of mind map templates (DOC, 560KB) are available to assist school leadership teams with their local planning when following the four steps to BYOx. The mind maps are also available in xmind format (XMIND, 747KB) for use with the XMind software. To download the XMind software on the EQ network you will need to request an unblock of the website through the Service Centre.

BYOx device selection models

Five BYOx device selection models are recommended. Schools can adapt any model to suit their individual needs.

Decision support tool

The BYOx decision support tool is an online survey to help school leadership teams determine readiness for a BYOx program by:

  • assisting with thoughtful and sustainable decision making
  • providing school leaders with a process that is timely and self-explanatory
  • providing results that are easy to interpret
  • encouraging meaningful and positive discussion around focus areas and the respective level of school engagement
  • providing schools with a picture of their current status and allowing for a gaps analysis of work that needs to occur to reach the preferred future BYOx model.

The BYOx decision support tool is for use by Queensland State Schools staff only.


Useful links

Recommended readings

Decoding Learning: The proof, promise and potential of digital education

Pedagogy, continuance theory and mobile devices: Findings from a New Zealand case study (PDF, 187KB)

Pedagogic approaches to using technology for learning (PDF, 516KB)

Risk management of enterprise mobility including Bring Your Own Device

Other useful links

Your own technology survey

ACARA - Information and Communication Technology capability

Pedagogical Framework (DOC, 519KB)​​​

Decision support tool

The BYOx decision support tool is an online survey to help school leadership teams determine if they are ready to implement a BYOx program.

This survey is for Queensland State Schools staff only.



Last updated
06 December 2018