BYOx step two: initiation

Step two of the BYOx planning process is collaborating with stakeholders to plan the tasks and documentation required to bring the school's BYOx vision to life.

​Create an implementation plan

  • Define strategic action: address professional development, technologies, infrastructure, licensing and resources.
  • Ensure equity considerations are supported by sustainable, affordable strategies.
  • Draft the timeline, including milestones.
  • Task key staff with responsibilities of leading, managing and realising the benefits of BYOx.
  • Develop a change management strategy.
  • Define the budget and ensure capacity for future funding.
  • Communicate a shared vision through community engagement.
  • Review school BYOx costs including Student Resource Scheme costs, licensing, malware protection, device security, software.
  • Ensure alignment with the Department's Strategic Plan and Parent and community engagement framework, and the school's Pedagogical framework.

Define the essential policies

  • Ensure the proposal meets departmental policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Ensure the existing school responsible behaviour plan reflects the proposal.
  • Review and revise school guidelines to address digital citizenship and safety.
  • Create necessary school-based procedure documentation, for example a software licence register.

Community collaboration

  • Develop a communication strategy.
  • Communicate research, vision, goals, and planning.
  • Outline formal and informal communication opportunities.
  • Involve any identified internal and external stakeholders.
Then review and revise

Helpful resources

Policies and procedures

It is recommended that school staff considering implementing BYOx read all relevant policies and procedures in their entirety before commencing a BYOx program.

Below are some of the relevant policies and procedures for schools to consider. Further policies and procedures can be found on the department's Policy and Procedure Register website. 

BYOx Sample parent presentation

The Department's 2013 BYOx research report (PDF, 1.2MB) identifies open, transparent and consultative communication with the community as crucial to increasing the likelihood of a successful BYOx program. The BYOx sample parent presentation (PPT, 296KB) (RTF, 102KB) provides an overview of suggested topics for parent information evenings. This template can be modified to suit each school.​​​​​​​​

‘Jindalee State School’s inaugural BYOx program has had a wonderful start in 2014. More than 85 per cent of students in Years 2, 4 and 5 have now brought in their own iPads or Windows 8 devices to complement their learning. The remaining students have access to school owned devices when required.’

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21 December 2016