Resources for planning

We have identified a range of resources to assist schools planning or implementing their own BYOx program.

The resources include:

Remember, each school has different needs; there is no one-size-fits-all approach to implementing a BYOx program.

BYOx Connect resources

BYOx Connect is the Department’s technical solution for connecting devices to a school’s network. A device connecting for the first time must be registered through an on-boarding process. The following guides walk through the process for each of the compatible operating systems.

BYOx Connect users can manage their connected devices with the My Device Portal (PDF, 515KB).

Visitors can connect to a school’s BYOx Connect network using a guest account (PDF, 682KB). The guest account must first be created by an authorised member of school staff.​​​​​

Last updated
02 November 2018