Support documents and templates

Support documents

BYOx research report

The Department's 2013 BYOx research report (PDF, 1.2MB) highlights a number of school-based business models, associated support materials, potential issues, planning considerations, and recommendations for implementing school BYOx programs.

Four steps to implementing BYOx

Four steps to implementing BYOx (PDF, 281KB) informs and assists school leadership teams planning to introduce a BYOx program.

BYOx Five device selection models

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to implementing a BYOx program. Five device selection models (PPT, 7.78MB) (RTF, 97KB) for implementing BYOx programs have been identified. Should a school choose to progress with BYOx, school communities may identify a model most suited to the school context.

BYOx device capability

There are many things to consider when deciding on appropriate BYO devices to be used in a school. Each individual user has their own needs. The right screen size, weight, battery life, Wi-Fi type, processor speed and storage capability are crucial to a device's suitability for teaching and learning. These attributes need to be considered against the demands of a range of subjects taught in schools to find the most appropriate device. The device capability document (PDF, 428KB) provides guidance for selecting a device appropriate for curriculum needs.


The department has produced a range of templates to support schools in their implementation of BYOx.

BYOx sample student charter

Schools can adapt the BYOx sample student charter (DOC, 719KB) to suit their individual requirements. As BYOx charters can vary between school communities, interested parties should seek the most recent BYOx charter from their school.

BYOx sample parent presentation

The Department's 2013 BYOx research report identifies open, transparent and consultative communication with the community as crucial to increasing the likelihood of a successful BYOx program. The BYOx sample parent presentation (PPT, 296KB) (RTF, 102KB)​ provides an overview of suggested topics for parent information evenings. This template can be modified to suit each school.

BYOx mind map templates

A series of mind map templates (DOC, 560KB) are available to assist school leadership teams with their local planning when following the four steps to BYOx. The mind maps are also available in xmind format (XMIND, 747KB) for use with the XMind software. To download the XMind software on the EQ network you will need to request an unblock of the website through the Service Centre.​​​​​​​

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01 December 2017