Why BYOx?

There are a number of reasons why schools consider 1-to-1 student ICT device programs such as BYOx. The key drivers include:

  • Learning - improving teaching and learning outcomes for our students.
  • Community - meeting the needs and expectations of the school community.
  • Technology - ensuring a safe, reliable and effective digital experience.

These drivers shape how schools approach BYOx programs and what resources, systems and technical options they choose to support their program. Find out more to help your school journey.


State schools in Queensland seek to improve the performance of each student, teacher and principal, guided by Every student succeeding - State Schools Strategy 2018-2022. The strategy offers a number of focus areas that can drive school decisions about BYOx programs. 

Successful learners 

With knowledge of learners and their needs, schools can ensure digital tools are used to enhance learning across the curriculum. For example, when students have appropriate digital devices and resources, teachers can support them with challenging learning experiences that meet their individual needs and help them reach their potential.

Teaching quality

The right digital tools and resources, used effectively, are essential to the systematic delivery of the Australian Curriculum. Effective 1-to-1 programs can support the development of the General Capabilities of literacy, numeracy, ICT and Critical and Creative Thinking, as well as subject areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and the Arts. They also create opportunities to use and grow the teachers' effective pedagogical practices.

Principal leadership and performance

Successful 1-to-1 programs rely on effective school leadership. By ensuring a program is evidence-based with a strong focus on teaching and learning, and by engaging the whole school community, Principals can develop an inclusive culture of improvement, innovation and change. The journey of a school towards a 1-to-1 program also offers the opportunity to build the capability of staff including future leaders.

School performance

High performing schools use data to develop and shape effective strategies. Schools can focus their 1-to-1 programs on priority areas identified by their school improvement process as well as collaborating with other schools to share and shape effective strategies.

Regional support

Schools can access expert advice and support from a range of regional partners and networks including Regional Technology Managers and Regional System Technicians.

Local decision-making

Through a well implemented 1-to-1 program, schools can develop strong, innovative and strategic partnerships with parents and the community. Each school’s journey will be a unique process of developing local solutions to systemic priorities.


1-to1 programs challenge schools to work with parents and the community to design and implement models that promote effective partnerships between home and school.

Ownership and financing

Having the right approach to financing and ownership of digital devices can encourage students to take responsibility for devices as a tool for learning, ensure the program will be supported by the community and can be sustained over time.

Device selection

The right approach to selecting and sourcing digital devices can ensure an effective balance between individual choice and program-wide consistency, and strengthen the collaboration between school and families.


Schools consider the needs of all students in their care and ensure no student is disadvantaged in participating in a BYOx program because of their individual abilities, needs or circumstances.


Platforms and applications

A well designed and implemented BYOx program can take advantage of appropriate digital platforms and applications to ensure students enjoy reliable, relevant and safe digital learning experiences. In particular, schools choose suitable technical options for managing student ICT devices on the network.

Connecting safely at school and home

With the right digital solutions students can use the same effective resources and spaces at home as they do at school, supporting the home/school learning partnership.

Schools can also maximize students' safety while working online and develop students' digital citizenship and cybersafety knowledge and skills.​​​

Planning BYOx for NAPLAN Online?

BYOx can transform your classrooms and also support online assessment such as NAPLAN Online. Ensure your school addresses the ICT needs of connected digital classrooms by following the four steps to BYOx.​


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‘Requests from students and families for students to bring their own devices commenced more than 12 months ago. Students have a desire to use devices they are familiar with and many families are prepared to provide a device for their child to work on, both at school and home.’
Last updated
16 November 2018